What to Expect

The Process of Architectural Design

  • After initial contact from a client we will have a telephone discussion about the project. A site visit usually follows, whereupon the brief of the project and the scope of works is captured.
  • A Letter of Appointment is then issued with costs included. An acceptance of the appointment must be in place before any work begins.
  • Based on a straightforward extension project, three services are usually offered, these are:
    1) Feasibility Design Drawings  2) Planning Application   3) Building Regulations Application

The Feasibility Design Stage:

  • The drawing process starts with a measurement and site survey at the property. This enables digital plans and elevations of the existing property to be formed.
  • Sketch options of remodelled/extended floor plans are then made, based on the requirements captured in the original brief.
  • A feasibility stage meeting is held to discuss the options and how well they meet the original requirements.
  • Finalisation of the preferred option is undertaken and draft drawings issued for comment.
  • Final Feasibility drawings are issued.
  • Builder’s preliminary costs can be sought based on these drawings, but usually a builder will ask for Building Regulations approved drawings.

The Planning Application Stage:

  • A project may or may not need Planning Consent, we can advise you on the likelihood of this requirement.
  • This legal permission is broadly concerned with the aesthetics and scale of the proposed development, against the context of the setting and local character of the area. This is particularly important if you live in a ‘designated’ area, whereupon more stringent rules will apply.
  • In this stage all plans, elevations and section drawings that are required by the local authority are drawn up. Design and Access and other statements as required by the local authority for Planning Consent are also written for the application.
  • This permission can take 8-12 weeks to be determined.

The Building Regulations Stage:

  • This legal permission is concerned with the proper and robust design of the proposal.
  • A prospective builder will be able to tender (provide a cost for) and build a project based on these drawings.
  • Drawings are developed to a level of detail that complies with the requirements of the current Building Regulations, as required by local authority for Building Regulations Approval. A specification of materials and methods is also required for this approval.
  • Input is usually required from a Structural Engineer, you can source your own professional, or we can recommend someone locally.
  • This permission can take up to 4 weeks to be approved.
  • The Building Control submission fee is usually based on the floor area of the proposed development.